A complete range of products for heating public and domestic environments.

Biomass boilers are the best solution for those who want to heat different sized environments, saving fuel and respecting the environment.

Tatano offers a complete range of innovative solutions designed for different needs, to heat efficiently and economically with different types of biomass: wood-fired boilers, pellets or wood chips, wood-burning fireplaces or pellets and solar systems for the production of hot water that can be integrated into the heating systems.

To complete the offer, a wide range of accessories and components that integrate perfectly with each other and the various products in the range.

Tatano thus returns to end users complete, efficient, safe and guaranteed heating solutions

Biomass boilers

Wood pellet heating

The pellet is a natural product obtained from the wood waste (sawdust or shavings): it is compact, easily conserved and has a high calorific value; it is really a very valid alternative to traditional energy sources for heating. On the market there are different types of pellets and different elements to consider when you choose it (humidity, presence of glue, ashes, calorific value); to protect the consumer, several European directives certify its quality and guarantee its safety.

Wood chips heating

The wood chips or chips are obtained from forest thinning, logs, pruning residues and is a valid fuel for boilers and heating systems. With the term chips are indicated shredded wood with the help of special machines, until reaching a size between 1 mm and 6 cm. The fine woodchip, defined G30 is smaller than 3 cm and is suitable for small systems with automatic operation, while the industrial chips or G60 is less than 6 cm and suitable for boilers with high power.

Wood heating

Wood is the traditional biomass used for heating. To guarantee a good calorific value it must be well dried, stored correctly and with a low humidity.
It continues to be a valid solution for those who live in mountain and wooded areas and for those who can obtain this fuel at low cost and in an autonomous way.